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Friday, October 07, 2005

Gillian Welch

Last night marked the sixth occasion that I've been fortunate enough to see Gillian Welch in concert, and like each time before, it was sublime. I've been a devoted fan since her 1996 debut recording, Revival, but it's the quality musicianship of her live performances that earns her a seat atop the list of my favorite artists. Soulful. Sorrowful. Spiritual.

Gillian's soft-spoken partner, the marvelous David Rawlings practically defines the phrase actions speak louder than words. While providing gentle harmonies to Gillian's lead vocals, it's his intensely physical style of playing that is a treat to watch -- coaxing every note out of that weathered 1935 Epiphone Olympic through a combination of raw energy and natural grace. Simply one of the greatest guitar players ever. Astonishing.

Playing to an enthusiastic crowd at the Avalon on Vine, we were treated to a double-encore, including a rendition of the Jefferson Airplane classic, White Rabbit. I'd love to have a recording of this.

Note to self: Become independently wealthy and consider following them on tour.


Melyndz said...

What's this? No mention of the cute girl you went with? Granted she looked like a bedraggled hippie that evening, but still...

2:44 PM  

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