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Friday, November 11, 2005

It's been a busy week...

I've been told I don't update my blog enough.

Guilty as charged.

MONDAY: Ventured out to the El Cid in Silverlake to see the Garage Comedy Showcase. Some funny videos, some funny skits, and rather entertaining magician fella doin' tricks, er... miracles with ropes and a deck of cards. (Hey, Kids! Learn Sleight of Hand! Amaze Your Friends, Family and Somewhat Drunk People at Dinner Theater!)

TUESDAY: Watched House and ate pasta.

WEDNESDAY: Went to see Jarhead. Good, but not great. Well-acted and awesome cinematography (Roger Deakins is The Man), but it was kinda difficult for me to engage in a "war" movie... with no war. I guess Mendes tried to go the "psychological effects of war" route, but no one can top Kubrick with both Full Metal Jacket & Paths of Glory. I hear you saying -- "It was a different kind of war, but it still has a profound effect on those who served." Granted, but comparing guys going stir-crazy in the desert while waiting for something to happen, strikes a different chord with me than say, the soldiers who logged a bitter winter in the Ardennes Forest during the Battle of the Bulge.

Totally different take, but I really enjoyed how Three Kings handled the "well, we ain't fightin' anyone, so what the hell should we do now?" issue.

The trailer for Syriana looks good, and King Kong looks fan-freakin-tastic. (OK, Peter Jackson and Roger Deakins will have to fight for title of "The Man.")

THURSDAY: Catalina Bar & Grill. Ron Carter quartet. Superb.

And, at long last, a few updates to the SKETCH section: Hellboy, Sin City's Marv, some random doodles and action gestures... and about five more pages of sketchy ladies. (Please understand -- sketchy refers to the way they've been rendered, and not their character. Despite any particular lack of clothing, they are all lovely, demure, modest individuals.)

Let's go find out what the weekend has in store...


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