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Monday, February 27, 2006

Where Have I Been?

Around. I've been around.

Anyways, let's start things off with a little update to the Photo section.

I've included a couple of shots taken during the President's Day Weekend Camping Excursion at Leo Carillo State Park where following a cold, wet, lightning and thunder filled night I was heard to exclaim, "Can we drive to the pharmacy to pick up a pregancy test? Cause I got f**ked by Nature last night."

I think the next camping outing will require a warmer, drier weather forecast.

Invited a couple friends out to the Catalina Bar & Grill last night to see Roy Hargrove. Good company. Amazing music. Quite an enjoyable evening.

Not much else to say. Odd that, considering I haven't updated this silly thing for the past four months.
Just trying to get back in the habit. Perhaps I'll get around to scanning in some of those sketchy-type things that I tend to draw so much.

Soon, but not tonight...