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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Don't laugh -- it's paid for...

So why have I finally decided to return after a hiatus of two-plus years?

I've sadly been forced into the unfortunate predicament of having to cheer for...


... the Lakers.

Yes. San Antonio finished off New Orleans last night, which means that I now have to root for Kobe and the Gang in the Western Conference finals. While I can still hold out hope for a Lakers-Celtics showdown in the end, I can't help but acknowledge that faint twinge in my gut that is telling me that we might actually be subjected to a godawful Spurs-Pistons finale.


In other news, Kung Fu Panda finally opens June 6th. Go see it. Take your friends. Take your family. Take your friends' families. I put in a good four years and change on this one. Even if it doesn't do well, I can say I'm still proud of it. But seriously, I hope it does really, really well...

What else? OH! Support your local Roller Derby. I just went a few weeks ago. It was the greatest sporting event I've seen in many, many years. I was drawing girls on skates for days afterwards. Perhaps I'll post some.... later.