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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Isla Guadalupe!


If I had a bucket list, I could now cross off swimming with great white sharks. Sorry, I haven't quite finished the chronicles of my adventure, but in the meantime you can check out my photos here.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Don't laugh -- it's paid for...

So why have I finally decided to return after a hiatus of two-plus years?

I've sadly been forced into the unfortunate predicament of having to cheer for...


... the Lakers.

Yes. San Antonio finished off New Orleans last night, which means that I now have to root for Kobe and the Gang in the Western Conference finals. While I can still hold out hope for a Lakers-Celtics showdown in the end, I can't help but acknowledge that faint twinge in my gut that is telling me that we might actually be subjected to a godawful Spurs-Pistons finale.


In other news, Kung Fu Panda finally opens June 6th. Go see it. Take your friends. Take your family. Take your friends' families. I put in a good four years and change on this one. Even if it doesn't do well, I can say I'm still proud of it. But seriously, I hope it does really, really well...

What else? OH! Support your local Roller Derby. I just went a few weeks ago. It was the greatest sporting event I've seen in many, many years. I was drawing girls on skates for days afterwards. Perhaps I'll post some.... later.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

CA redemption Value -- 5¢

The great thing about gin? No stains.

Dinner consisted of some sort of half-assed noodle & vegetable stir-fry combination thing-y. (It was getting late. I was hungry.) After sitting down to eat, I thought, "Gee, a gin & tonic would go nicely with this." So I proceded to set up a glass with some ice, a wedge of lime, Schweppes ® tonic and Tanqueray®. Upon setting the glass on the tray table next to my dinner plate, I thought, "Gee, I should move this aside so I can comfortbly seat myself on the couch." Of course, while moving the tray table aside, I managed to slosh the freshly mixed beverage all over the tray table, the couch cushions, and the carpet.

I'd like to take this moment to thank Murphy for all the times my buttered bread has landed face down on the linoleum floor.

About half a roll of paper towels later, I managed to eat some dinner. Mmmm.. tasty noodles.

In other news, I checked John Kricfalusi's blog today and nearly did a spit-take on my monitor when I saw these Barber Shop pages.

If memory serves, one of the the first times I recall seeing profanity written down anywhere was in the local barber shop. Mom would give me $7 to bike on over to get my haircut. (Perhaps it's selective memory, but all I can recall in the magazine rack were copies of Road & Track and Field & Stream...) Anyways, I vividly recall the plaque on the wall that read, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit." Looking back on it now, all I can think of is, "Why use dazzle? Where's the alliteration in that?"


Monday, February 27, 2006

Where Have I Been?

Around. I've been around.

Anyways, let's start things off with a little update to the Photo section.

I've included a couple of shots taken during the President's Day Weekend Camping Excursion at Leo Carillo State Park where following a cold, wet, lightning and thunder filled night I was heard to exclaim, "Can we drive to the pharmacy to pick up a pregancy test? Cause I got f**ked by Nature last night."

I think the next camping outing will require a warmer, drier weather forecast.

Invited a couple friends out to the Catalina Bar & Grill last night to see Roy Hargrove. Good company. Amazing music. Quite an enjoyable evening.

Not much else to say. Odd that, considering I haven't updated this silly thing for the past four months.
Just trying to get back in the habit. Perhaps I'll get around to scanning in some of those sketchy-type things that I tend to draw so much.

Soon, but not tonight...

Friday, November 11, 2005

It's been a busy week...

I've been told I don't update my blog enough.

Guilty as charged.

MONDAY: Ventured out to the El Cid in Silverlake to see the Garage Comedy Showcase. Some funny videos, some funny skits, and rather entertaining magician fella doin' tricks, er... miracles with ropes and a deck of cards. (Hey, Kids! Learn Sleight of Hand! Amaze Your Friends, Family and Somewhat Drunk People at Dinner Theater!)

TUESDAY: Watched House and ate pasta.

WEDNESDAY: Went to see Jarhead. Good, but not great. Well-acted and awesome cinematography (Roger Deakins is The Man), but it was kinda difficult for me to engage in a "war" movie... with no war. I guess Mendes tried to go the "psychological effects of war" route, but no one can top Kubrick with both Full Metal Jacket & Paths of Glory. I hear you saying -- "It was a different kind of war, but it still has a profound effect on those who served." Granted, but comparing guys going stir-crazy in the desert while waiting for something to happen, strikes a different chord with me than say, the soldiers who logged a bitter winter in the Ardennes Forest during the Battle of the Bulge.

Totally different take, but I really enjoyed how Three Kings handled the "well, we ain't fightin' anyone, so what the hell should we do now?" issue.

The trailer for Syriana looks good, and King Kong looks fan-freakin-tastic. (OK, Peter Jackson and Roger Deakins will have to fight for title of "The Man.")

THURSDAY: Catalina Bar & Grill. Ron Carter quartet. Superb.

And, at long last, a few updates to the SKETCH section: Hellboy, Sin City's Marv, some random doodles and action gestures... and about five more pages of sketchy ladies. (Please understand -- sketchy refers to the way they've been rendered, and not their character. Despite any particular lack of clothing, they are all lovely, demure, modest individuals.)

Let's go find out what the weekend has in store...

Monday, October 31, 2005

Crosstown Traffic

There was a considerable amount of traffic on the 134-W this evening.

Halloween Traffic? End-of-Daylight-Savings-Time Traffic?


Happy Halloween, Everybody!

For anyone who knows me, dressing up in costume (for any occasion) does not rank very high on my list of things to do. It's probably somewhere between self-immolation and dancing.

That said, Halloween is obviously not a big draw for me, although it's hard to pass up a good pumpkin carving and spiced cider. (Thanksgiving is more my speed: "Uh, what do you want me to do -- eat and be thankful? DONE.)

So what's happened in the past week? Um... Hooray for the White Sox!

Saw Good Night and Good Luck. Gorgeous black and white cinematography, lovely songs from Dianne Reeves, David Strathairn was fantastic, and rather than serve as an account of the events of it's time, it's a solid commentary on the sad state of television and journalism today.

From Murrow's keynote speech at the RTNDA Convention:

Unless we get up off our fat surpluses and recognize that television in the main is being used to distract, delude, amuse and insulate us, then television and those who finance it, those who look at it and those who work at it, may see a totally different picture too late.

Full transcript available here.

Everyone's gonna go out and vote next week, right?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

There's Music In My Car Again...

A little over two months ago, I decided to replace a broken factory-model stereo in my '97 Saturn.

A little over one month ago, said radio was forcibly removed under cover of night from my very own parking garage.

A little over four hours ago (and $404 plus change), I've installed a new stereo -- same make & model as the temporary upgrade, although cheaper by about thirty bucks this time around.

Hopefully this one will stay in my car for awhile.

For those of you who have not heard my conspiracy theory, allow me to enlighten you. I went to out looking to buy a new car stereo. After eight years, I had grown quite fond of the factory model CD player that was a part of my Saturn SL2 -- particularly the manual 5-band equalizer sliders that allowed me the freedom to flip from Awesome Sonic Experience to Vintage AM Radio with the whimsical flick of an index finger. Of course, in this digital age, nothing is manufactured with manual tuning options, so I read the product reviews, I browsed the Wall o' Radios at every electronics outlet, and I made my choice: the Pioneer DEH-P3700MP. With a few minor adjustments, I found that it could replicate the acoustic balance that I'd grown accustomed to over the years... and it didn't feel like a cheap piece of plastic.

I stopped into a nearby Circuit City store -- not my usual locale for electronics-type purchases, but they happened to have one key item in stock at the time of my purchase -- the plastic mounting bracket for my '97 Saturn. Fully expecting to install the new stereo myself, I was caught off guard when the sales clerk asked, "Would you like us to install it? It's free installation. There's no one waiting. It'll only take about 45 minutes."

I caved. After all, why not? I can go over to Barnes & Noble, grab a coffee, do some sketching... "Sure," I said. Forty-five minutes later -- I enjoyed my new, kickass car stereo.

The smile on my face lasted exactly one month -- a Sunday morning when I headed down to the parking garage prepared to run a few weekend errands.

The elevator door slid open. I looked down and thought, "Hmm, that's odd. Why is there a bottle of Armor-All sitting outside the elevator?" I rounded the corner and saw that the trunk of my car was wide-open. I thought, "Why is my bottle of Armor-All sitting outside the elevator?" As I approached my car, I thought, "Why is there broken glass around the rear-passenger side of my car?"

Long story short, the gentleman who violated my car simply broke that little triangle window (the one that doesn't roll down), unlocked the back door, reached up and unlocked the front passenger-side door, and wrenched out my new stereo with all the finesse of a chimpanzee on methamphetamines.

(Actually, other than the window, all that was damaged in the heist was the face plate for the AC controls -- replaced at the cost of $188.41 from my local Saturn dealer. I'll have to check again on Monday, but if the cost of the broken window is included as part of my $500 insurance deductible, I should have $152.43 coming back to me thanks to good ol' Mercury Insurance.)

Where's the conspiracy you ask? I'm thinking that the upstanding young men in the Circuit City Car Stereo Installation Garage simply contact their associates on the outside, provide them with the address of the consumers whose cars have no alarms, and those fellas can get to work. In the aftermath, those newly stereo-less consumers then return to Circuit City to buy a replacement stereo, and create additional sales commissions for the gentleman who provided the information which caused the theft in the first place.

"It's the cirlce of life, and it moves us all."

Bitter? Maybe. Cynical? Perhaps. All I can say is that I didn't go back to Circuit City for this new stereo and I installed this one myself, as I originally intended to, and let me tell you, it sounds fantastic.

I think I'll go for a drive tomorrow. What do you think I should listen to?